Grungit - 1-Click Wear And Tear for Blender

Abdou Bouam
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New in V1.9.1 :

Minor bug fixes for Blender 4.0+

New in v1.7x:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Added an "advanced mode", "Use Clearcoat", "Duplicate multi-user materials", "Ignore unused materials", and an option to choose between only dirt, only grungit, and dirt+grungit.
  • Materials with names that start with "." are ignored
  • Grungit now uses a separate UV channel without altering the default UV channel
  • Remade Grungit node: easier to control, better quality, organized inside, and renders faster in EEVEE
  • Improved Edge wear
  • Normal maps are now taken in consideration when generating edge wear.
  • PBR inputs for the dirt node
  • Quality improvements
  • More information on the following link

New in v1.6x:

  • Multi-object support
  • 1-click PBR Baking
  • Occlusion is now affected by all objects, giving a better result when using multiple objects
  • UV Pack by material
  • added 512x512 and 256x256 resolutions, useful if you have a lot of objects and materials
  • Bug Fixes
  • "Quick mode" (no edge wear, useful for imperfections)
  • Temporarily switch to CUDA when using Optix for baking, then revert back to Optix when it's done. Optix is faster than CUDA with Nvidia RTX cards, but it does not support some nodes yet (AO and Bevel) and it gives wrong results. When it gets fixed in newer Blender versions I will revert the change and allow Grungit to use Optix.

New in v1.5:

  • Supporting objects that have multiple materials, a feature that has been often requested. Now you only need to click “apply grungit” once and you don’t need to merge the materials. (Applying Grungit in bulk will be added in the coming versions)
  • Improved edge wear quality, it’s easier to control and works well by default
  • Quality adjustments
  • “(Re)create UV maps” now packs faces that share the same material (default behavior)

New in v1.4 (experimental):


Clearcoat support

Bug fixes

New in v1.3:

Greatly improved dirt layer, it looks a lot better now and it's easier to control

Quality improvements

What is Grungit?

Grungit is an addon that automatically and effortlessly adds wear and tear to your models with a single click. The result is fully controllable and can deliver anything from imperfections and light wear to heavy damage.

Why Grungit?

Unlike other methods, Grungit has very little impact on performance and it’s fully compatible with EEVEE, but surely the most important benefit is the considerable amount of precious time it saves.

The main goal of Grungit is to assist you, not to dictate a specific style that might not suit your needs, and it doesn't impact your workflow. That makes it very versatile and can deliver all kinds of results : You can use it to add subtle surface imperfections to give your renders an additional layer of realism, or you can make a painted surface for a machine with a lot of grunge, scratches and dirt.

What are the benefits of Grungit?

Very simple and fast

High quality grunge, dust and scratches

Keeps your existing node tree




Compatible with EEVEE


Support for manual masking

Fast render times


What do people say about Grungit?

In addition to bug reports and feature suggestions, I asked the artists involved in the closed beta-test program what they liked about Grungit. Below are some of the responses:

Everything. It is excellent to be able to apply grunge, scratches and dust so easy

Very easy and straightforward. A simple bake and ready to go with a few intuitive slides.

Its natural grunge giving power with few clicks

How easy and fast it is and how good the results are.

I like how quickly Grungit lets you test readability in hard-surfaces with the procedural wear, letting you tweak the effect to your liking through several kinds of workflows.

It greatly simplifies and reduces my workload when it comes to adding small detail to my models.

The material works really well and I don't have to make my own materials or import older ones.

I also asked whether or not it improved their workflow :

Of course, I no longer have to look for textures and join and join nodes to find a similar result. I will use it a lot

It does, I have in mind a big project, where everything will have to be rusty. This removes the need to go back and forth to Painter, and althought the shaders are slow to process, the memory savings are huge.

Yes, it makes it super easy to make good looking environments for small tests and will really help me whit my visual effects work.

Yes, it helps me visualize areas of rest vs detail in damaged metal while working on the design. While this would be optimal to do in the finished retopologized mesh, I've used Grungit while working with Hi-Poly before baking.

It very much does. Its usually pretty quick and easy to add some minor "Grunge" to any object now so it makes getting quick test renders far simpler.

Your feedback is important, if you have any feature to suggest or a bug to report, or you want to have more information or get support then please get in touch, I read and reply to every message.

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Grungit - 1-Click Wear And Tear for Blender

190 ratings
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