Painterly Shader for Blender

Abdou Bouam
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What is it?

"Painterly Shader" automatically and effortlessly adds the hand-painted effect to your high-poly sculpts based on the geometry without having to paint everything manually.

Who is it for?

Painterly Shader is made for :

  • Game artists who bake high-poly models to low-poly models, similar to Dota 2
  • anyone who makes stylized art.
  • 3D Sculptors who want to make beautiful renders of their models and showcase them online with tools such as Marmoset Viewer and Sketchfab.
  • Anyone who wants to experiment with the style.

Features :

"Painterly Shader" comes in two parts, a "base color" node that creates the base color, and a "shader" node that adds the dynamic effects such as shading and rim light.

"Painterly Shader" has the following effects:

  • Base color (Composite)
  • Brush Texture
  • Height Gradient
  • Normal Gradient
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Pointiness
  • Cavity
  • Rim light
  • Shading

What's included?

You will get two Blender files, one contains the shader itself, and the other is the high-poly wolf head and the textured lowpoly model used in the documentation to experiment with.

How to use it?

check documentation page for more information.

Why get it?

  • Automatic and Dynamic: You don't need to readjust, repaint or redo anything if you change the model. Just switch to rendered view and see the results!
  • Fully Configurable : The default settings are a good start, but you will have full artistic control over it. You can adjust the strength and various parameters of the effect and you can integrate it into different kinds of workflows.
  • Time saver : The shader automates many tasks that previously had to be manually. You don't have to manually paint every single detail into your high-poly mesh, or bake several textures and generate the texture manually in Photoshop. Just sculpt, apply the shader and see how it looks!
  • Quality : Presentation is everything. Even if you only focus on sculpting, your worst enemy is not spending enough time and effort on your model to properly present it. Luckily this task becomes effortless and it would only take a few minutes and the final result will be a lot better than just a solid color.
  • Experimentation and fun : If you want to experiment and have fun making stylized models then this is the right tool for you! You can even study the node and learn how it's made, if you want to!
  • Support me and your favorite software : 10% of the proceeds go to the Blender development, and each sale will help me continue making useful products and make them more accessible for the blender community.
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Painterly Shader for Blender

3 ratings
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